Friday, February 5, 2010

Potty Training

We started potty training Brighton on Monday. I've put it off for too long, she's almost two and a half, and is well past ready! It's been tough- she doesn't want to be interupted during play time to go sit on the potty, but she's only had a few accidents. And most of those accidents have been like "half accidents." She gets a little on the floor and then gets the rest on the potty. I just wish I knew how long it was going to take! She didn't have any accidents yesterday, but has lapsed a little today with nothing making it to the potty. I've just got to keep on truckin'!
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Laura said...

I sooo do not enjoy potty training. I hear that girls are easier than boys... I started potty training with Carter last June!! He's to the point now where I'd consider him potty trained and is in underwear all the time except when sleeping. It does save $$ to not have to by diapers for 2 kids!
Good Luck!!

Brianne said...

She's doing great. It seems like forever when you're in the middle of it, doesn't it?

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Potty training has got to be the most frustrating job as a parent. I HATE it! But once you start the downhill side it is sooo worth it! You can do it! All I can say is be consistent. I think that is why it took it so long for Kiera. Mommy wasn't doing her part on consistency.