Friday, February 12, 2010

Brighton's Room

So I realized that I've never gotten around to showing you Brighton's room. It's NOWHERE near done, so don't judge the lack of cuteness that she has compared to Mason's room. It's a work in progress...

As you walk into her room, this little nook is right on your left. It probably won't stay here, but for right now, I don't really know what else to do with this stuff that I want in her room. Here's her princess stool and a chair that I picked up on the side of the road- it said free and I spray painted it.

Next to that little nook, is Brighton's super cute kitchen that my Aunt Janet got for B. I hung up a picture above her "sink" and there were some holes already in the wall where I hung the B, L and H. Again, not permanently there, just up off the floor until I decide.

On to the BIG GIRL BED! She's been in this since July and she's in love with her bed. I'm in love with her bed. We hung up the curtains a few weeks ago and that REALLY helped to make the room seem more "finished." And then there's all B's quilts, piled up on her bed. If you look closely at the nightstand, you can see a little cherub sitting next to the lamp (my amazing $5 Value Village lamp that I'm IN LOVE WITH). She picked the cherub out at Goodwill. Already a bargain hunter. I'm so proud. She always tells me that "it's a boy" and "he's praying."

This is where her babies sleep. Well, the ones that don't end up in bed with her, which isn't many. This is also the future home of a dresser, possibly, if I can find one that I like. The walls are bare, I know. I'm looking for a good mirror and then I have a ton of little things to set on the one-day-will-be-here-dresser.
Some of the babies.
Here's Brighton's hair clip holder and her growth chart.
Like I said, a work in progress. I haven't decided what color I want to paint in here or what EXACTLY my vision is. It really is just a random collection of things that I like. We'll see how it goes!

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