Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brighton's 11 Months!

I cannot believe how big my little girl is getting! Seriously, every time I look at pictures from a few months back, I am amazed at how quickly this time goes by. I was so anxious for Brighton to start crawling and getting up onto things. Then I realized, I wanted her to stay put as long as possible! It seems like it was the next day she started crawling. Since the crawling began, she's become more confident with exploring on her own, coming back to me every now and then to play, and then taking off to check out what's around behind the couch or up the stairs. She started getting into the cabinets and playing with my tupperware and pulling out all the blankets stashed on her changing table. Now she's pulling herself up to stand in her crib and chewing on the railing. And she's the master cruiser! She's getting so brave walking around holding onto things.
She's gotten so brave, she does the one hander now, and mostly ends up face planting because she hasn't quite figured out the whole balance thing. Brighton has also become very clingy the last couple weeks, and I'm not sure if it's just one of those phases or if it's because her mouth is killing her! She's had four teeth pop out in the last month! But she started somewhat talking, if you count whining "mama" and crawling up onto me. Here's a video of her cruising on the coffee table to come and attack me:

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