Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kim's Getting Her Hair Cut!

I've been growing my hair out for about two and a half years (thank you pregnancy hormones for making it grow even faster!), and have finally gotten up the courage to chop it off and donate it. It's not as long as I was wanting to have it before I cut it, but I can't stand it any longer! A lady in the ward is going to do it, and I'm headed off there as soon as Dale gets home from Mutual! I only hope I don't cry. It's just hair, right? About 16 inches of it... Wish me luck!

And PS- If you're ever planning on donating your hair, make sure you do some research about the companies that you can send it to. Some are better than others, and some may donate to causes that are important to you. Locks of Love is a popular one I'm sure you've all heard of, but it might not be the best choice for you.
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Daniel and Jana said...

WOW!!! I cant believe how long your hair was! I did that after High school and donated it to Locks of Love. Hopefully someone is loving it! I like your new hair too! HOT MOMMA!!