Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Trip To Winthrop

Labor Day weekend Dale and I decided to go for a drive and check out Winthrop, WA. We've never been and heard a lot of good things about it, mostly that it was a MUST GO CHECK OUT. We made a few stops along the way to break up the drive and to take in the views. Here are some pictures of our mini road trip:

This was the view of the Gorge River (I think it was called, I can't believe I don't remember!). I just love how green all the trees are!
Brighton and Mommy checking things out together.
Daddy and Brighton reading about the dam.

Too beautiful!
We stopped off for a view of Diablo Lake.

Dale really likes the mountains.
Daddy and Brighton at Diablo Lake.
Mommy and Brighton. It was so windy! My hair kept blowing into my face and lipgloss. I hate that!

Lovely Diablo Lake.
Our little family.

Finally! We reached Winthrop! It's this little western themed town a few hours east of where we live. It was pretty cute and had a lot of fun little boutiques that we checked out.
Every building in Winthrop must be built in the western style. It makes for some interesting gas stations. A lot of the buildings have been restored or moved and have been around well before 1900. Some of them used to be saloons, schools, brothels or museums.

I think my favorite part about it was the wooden sidewalks. Totally cute and fun! This is me picking a place to eat!
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Brianne said...

Did you guys spend the night there? If so, where? Did you check out Lake Pearrygin? That's where we go camping with my family every year. I've been to Winthrop 28 years in a row if you count when I was a fetus :-). I've even been multiple times in one year a few times. If you didn't get a milkshake at Sherry's then you'll have to go back.