Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Things For Brighton's Birthday

So I was planning on making this for Brighton's birthday, as a fun center piece but decided I don't like any branches that I come across in my treks around the house. They weren't pretty enough for me. So, I still had to use all my paper punch-outs, because they were so cute, and couldn't' be wasted! I decided to make some pretty toothpicks to put in the cupcakes that I will be making for Brighton's party. I used two circles- one for each side, and some double sided tape, and made some fancy blue toothpicks! With a little bit of sprinkles, blue of course, these will be perfect!
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Brianne said...

Nice job with the picture, the toothpicks look very fancy. I'm glad you didn't have to waste all of those circles you cut out!