Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lopez Island

Brighton and I went on the road with Dale on Friday because he was going to Lopez Island, where I've never been! This is at the ferry terminal on our side of the water. We had to get up so early, and this is the sun, just starting to peak over the mountains.

This is the huge ferry that we got to ride our car onto. It's humongous! As we walked into the sitting area on top, I thought of Batman: The Dark Knight and was worried there might be a ferry of convicts that might try to blow us up. We were safe, phew! (If you haven't seen that movie, you NEED to, and then you'll understand just how ridiculous that whole scene really is.)

Brighton was crabby and wiggly on the ride, and this is daddy holding her because mommy was too tired, hungry, and crabby herself to deal with it.
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Brianne said...

How pretty! Was that your first time on a ferry??? I'm glad the convicts didn't blow you up.