Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brighton's Christmas Dress

Last Sunday Brighton wore her red dress that I bought her for last Christmas. I know, that was 8 months ago, but she just now finally fits into it. She was a big baby and I was thinking, Of course she'll be in 3-6 months by the time she's 3 months old, it'll be perfect. But it wasn't. She hasn't fit in it until now, and she's 11 months. So, I had to finally get some pictures. This is what she does now, get into my cabinets. This is where I kept my cake plates, blender, nice dessert plates and all my vases. Those have since been moved to those forgotten cabinets above the fridge so my little lady can play with mommy's plastic containers.
Isn't she so cute! I realized Sunday morning that she didn't have a clip to match her dress! Not good for Brighton and I! So, I quickly fashioned her a large bow clip with some perfectly matching ribbon! Yay!
Brighton and daddy playing with the ball after church. Daddy is usually very happy even though her doesn't look it in the picture...
I just loved this picture. She was actually squinting up her cheeks and closing her eyes to smile like all little kids do. Love it!
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Brianne said...

You can really see her tooth in the last picture. The dress is probably better now than it would have been at Christmas anyway. Who wants to wear short sleeves in December anyway? Cute bow!