Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brighton's Bright Outfit

I made this outfit for Brighton yesterday from They have a ton of fun stuff, not so much for babies, but this was a new pattern they added. It said the sizes were from 2T to 5T so I decided I would make the 2T so she could wear it sooner (plus, I just like to practice sewing). I have no idea what I did wrong but it barely fits her right now. And the pants were supposed to be capris, but came out as booty shorts. Oh well, at least babies don't have to be modest. Dale said she looks like a clown, but I think it's fun. Plus it was really cheap fabric that I found at the second hand store. You can't beat that for practice.
Playing in the grass

Well, if we ever have another child, and it's a girl, she'll get to play in this little outfit for a little bit longer than Brighton!
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