Monday, April 6, 2009

Another New Curtain

So, in between the days of being sick, and not being sick, I've managed to finish this long awaited project. Not that this took me forever, it didn't, but when you're down for a few days at a time, on the good days you've got to catch up on laundry, ironing, and other house cleaning. We have this back door with a window, and at night, we'd like a little more privacy. Not that I don't look great in my underwear, but Dale just didn't want any way for the neighbors to peak in on him. He's shy.

The curtain is rolled up during the day and we let it down at night! So far, I haven't gotten sick of rolling it up every morning to let in the sun. Maybe when the sun starts hiding again, I won't enjoy it so much.
Here's how it looks at night, bad pictures and all because of the awesome lighting!
I used a black and white gingham, super heavy duty curtain lining and white grossgrain ribbon. I'm really happy with the results!
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Jenny said...

quite the seamstress you! Good work.

Daniel said...

good job! Want to make me some curtains for my master bdrm? You are so talented. I was also wondering if maybe I could come use your serger too. I need to finish the edge of some sheer fabric that I have for curtains.