Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brighton's 18 Months!

Man, is this little girl so much fun! A few changes happened since B turned the good ol' 1-8. We decided that enough is enough with the pacifier. She only got it when it was nap time or bed time, but no more! It was a difficult first few days. She's been sans pacifier now for over a week! Go B!
She's totally independent and loves to try and be like mommy and daddy. The other day she put on my shoes, grabbed one of my purses that she plays with, along with a baby, and told me "bye bye" as she walked to the front door. My heart melted. Here she is on one of her happy days trying to walk around in dad's giant shoes.
The flash was too bright for her! When she's not making mean faces, she laughing and making me laugh! She's doing a great job at talking too. It seems like there's a new word every day. I decided to make a list yesterday of all the words she says (some words others may be able to understand, mostly just me, but she's really good at pointing and saying the word, which helps), so I carried around a piece of paper all day. Here goes:

Basics: no, oh no!, uh-oh, cool, hot, cold, hi, bye-bye, up, down
Clothing: shoes, socks, shirt, jacket, pants
Food: snack, milk, water, cup, bib, towel, bread, waffle, egg, cookie, hot dog
Misc. Objects: book, baby, block, chair, phone, light, whale
Body Parts: eye, nose, mouth, ear, hand, arm

Amazing! I'm so proud of her! She also tells the dog "good boy" but only says the "boy" while giving him a good strong pat or hug. And when we tickle her, she says "tickle, tickle, tickle." As of this last week, she also recognizes the letter A.
I love this picture. She doesn't realize that she needs to move the shoes closer to the chair so she can balance AND reach the shoes at the same time. She'll get there. She also finally got the hang of climbing down the stairs. I don't know what was holding her back before, but she is now brave enough to go down backwards, which makes me that much more comfortable with her around our stairs.
Playing with an empty thread spool. She loves to play with the most random things.
Happy 18 months B!

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