Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fool's 2009

Apparently Dale doesn't like April Fool's day because he thinks that pranks are SO not funny. Needless to say, sewing his underwear shut last year didn't go over well. This year I decided to stay away from pranking Scrooge and make one of those fun April Fool's dinners instead! We had Cake and ice cream for dinner!
It's really hard to get mashed potatoes to look like vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, but it works.
The lovely meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting- complete with candle.
Yummy! I really do love meatloaf. Dale doesn't, so I guess the joke really was on him!
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The O'Neils said...

KIM!!! I love it :)

Me and My Family said...

what did you use for the cake frosting? Was it the mashed potatoes?

Laura said...

LOVE this idea!!!! You're so creative Kim!

THE LEWIS' said...

this is so fun. i am going to have to remember this idea. josh doesnt really get into april fools day either, but this one is fun. your amazing

Glazier's said...

You're so creative!

Jenny said...

I've done the potatoes before, but the cake is brilliant. Next year. Watch out I'm tagging you in my blog today.