Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crafts Of The Week

Thought I'd share (and fish for compliments) some of the things I've been working on this week:
I started off Sunday evening cutting out pieces to make a dress for myself, before I got too fat to wear it. Alas, I am too fat. No pictures because Dale had some trouble with the zipper. When I'm not fat anymore (or at least when the zipper has been replaced) I will put a picture up of my awesome dress.
But, I did manage to finish this little guy. I've had this pattern printed off from Made by Rae for almost a year now, never to get around to using it. I have a long time friend from high school (who, I believe, doesn't read this blog, so this shouldn't ruin the surprise) who is going to have her first baby in two months! I thought, what a great opportunity to try this puppy out. I started it sometime in January, on a non-sick day, only to not finish it until this week.
It's a size 0-3 months. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and Dale said he thought it looked like one you would buy in a store. Major points for him. I even used my serger on it. Man, that thing has got some power. It's amazing.
I changed the pattern a little bit. I decided I wanted to add the lining fabric to the bottom, which made it super cute. And then the skirt part was supposed to be gathered into a ruffle. I love ruffles. I'll drape myself in them, but I HATE to make them. I decided to do some pleating instead, which I think makes it look a lot dressier. So, if you make this dress, those are my suggestions. PS- there's also a version for 3T if you've got a bigger girl to make it for, like me.
I'm also participating in a quilt-along. It started on Monday and I didn't know that until yesterday! But all it is is making ONE of these squares a day until we have enough to make a huge quilt. I had so much fun digging through my piles of leftover scraps to make these! I'd love for ANYONE who wants to, to do it too (just let me know, so we can keep up with each other!).
You don't need much fabric- each little square is 2.5" and you sew 9 of those babies together. I made the four on the left yesterday, the other four this morning, and I actually made 6 more this afternoon AFTER I'd already taken this picture. Super easy.
Now to move on to Pay It Forward Gift #2... I have no idea WHAT I'm going to do!
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The O'Neils said...

SO cute! I want to have a girl so you can teach me how to make all of these cute things. Sorry to say boys aren't really all that fun when it comes to crafts or homemade goods!

PS when are you coming to AZ?

Jenny-Jenny said...

There you go again! Making super super cute stuff.

Lauren and George said...

You amaze me!

Me and My Family said...

I will definitely compliment you! Those are great! I want to make a quilt! I don't know if I have enough scrap fabric though I'll see. So each square is 2.5 inches right? We'll see what I can dig up. I am working on my pay if forward gifts too. I need to go out and get a few things first.

Brianne said...

I love the itty-bitty dress! I've had the pattern filed on my computer for a year. I should definitely make the 3T one for this summer. The pleats look great. I actually don't know how to make pleats (shocker!), you might need to teach me.

THE LEWIS' said...

So you are amazing. You would be able to make the dress i made in like seconds. Its actaully so easy. I would love to see yours once you get to it. I have to tell you, you and your fun creations is what got me started, SO THANKS. your the best.