Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brighton's New Hat

Dale was trying to be funny the other night, and put Brighton's tights on his head. Well, she needed to be funny, too. So, she ran around with the tights on her head for the next twenty minutes. Here's B and daddy, in cahoots.
Brighton, giving mommy the stink eye (yet again).
They just think they are too cute and funny, huh?
Brighton kept bringing me her pillow, and then sitting on it, and taking it away again. She's weird sometimes. What was even better about this night was that the next day, Brighton found the tights and gave them to me and said, "hat." She thinks they're a hat. I'm just so madly in love with this little girl.
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Jenny-Jenny said...

Sure glad it's not possible to love a kid too much. We'd be in trouble