Tuesday, April 14, 2009

General Conference Weekend

So, I totally forgot to post about the wonderful sun shiny General Conference weekend! It was also a big weekend in the Hibler house because Brighton turned 18 months! I can't believe my little girl is no longer a baby! I'm having so much fun with this older Brighton!
We decided to check out a park that a friend recommended, so we headed off into the sun! Brighton actually kept her sunglasses on- whoo hoo!
Trying to climb up the tunnel. No luck, but she still had a good time!
Having fun in the bouncing plane.
Swinging with Mommy
This was her first time on a playset. At the park we went to, they had a baby sized one, so Brighton had tons of fun crawling, climbing and running around.
She loved the steering wheel!
There was a train nearby, where Brighton got to put her "choo-choo" into action. We tell her that's what a train says, but she's never been close to a real one. And we were sunglasses twins!

I took this really awesome picture of Dale and Sawyer on the tracks. My two handsome boys.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Great pictures! Where is that park, it looks awesome!

Me and My Family said...

The weather was beautiful! I wish it would have stuck around. T-shirts and sandals all the way! We too went out for a long walk in the sunshine and actually got hot! That hasn't happened for a long time! I love the lil glasses.

Brianne said...

That sure is a great park. I'm glad you found it! Kaylin also loves the plane.

Brianne said...

I was just searching through your blog for the quilt you made (I'm most likely going to make a quilt for Kaylin, I'm looking for ideas!) and I noticed Brighton's dress in this post. Is that from the Gap? Did we buy matching ones together? Kaylin outgrew hers if we did. Funny.