Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alright, I Did It...

I'll admit it, I broke down and finally bought some baby boy clothes. I've been wanting to hold off until closer to the time he arrives so I didn't go crazy and buy too much by getting things here and there.
Brighton had WAY too much stuff (not because of me, but grandparents getting all excited and two baby showers), and I want to make sure this little guy gets plenty of use out of those little clothes.
But I got all of these second hand, so I don't feel so guilty. Most of them were 50% off (yay for going on the right day!) and then I had a 20% off coupon. So, I got all this stuff for a total of $38. Not too bad. Everything is 0-3 months or 3-6 months, so these things are practically brand new! Brighton hardly wore the same thing twice- Baby Boy is going to wear these babies in! And let me just say how WEIRD it is to look at boy clothes when I've trained myself to search out all things ruffly and pink.
And yes, I did buy two pairs of shoes (they were 50 cents each). I'm one of those crazy anal moms that can't stand bare footed babies.
Baby Boy Hibler has got a lot to live up to if he wants to be a best dressed boy. We've all seen Carter Green- too handsome.
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Laura said...

I love buying little boy clothes. They make such cute things for boys now! I got alot of Carter's (and now Max's) super cute clothes from Penny Dixon when Hanon grew out of them. Hand me downs are the best!! =)

In the words of Kim: said...

SO much FUNNNNNN! I loved shopping at consignment shops - you could find the cutest stuff at such a great price! So fitting for you my frugal friend - we are birds of a feather - hey - have you ever heard of the tightwad gazette? This was one of my favorite things when my kids were young - I believe I've got a stack of them still, I'll have to share - fun ways to be frugal and stretch! Not that you need to - it's just the fun in seeing how far you can make it go!

Jenny-Jenny said...

I know you love Grosgrain and I saw this giveaway that you might be interested in.

Way to go on the little boy clothes by the way. Fun stuff.

The Lil Bee said...

OK that is really impressive! Definitely a score. I'm so impressed that you make most of your clothes, too! I'm going to bookmark the above tutorial even though, knowing me, I'll just stare at it in awe and never actually follow it!