Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arizona Day ONE!

Brighton didn't sleep well AT ALL the first night at my parents'. She doesn't usually sleep in the same room as us, and it was like she could sense it, and woke up to just stare at me and cry. I hadn't fallen asleep just yet, when she started screaming.
Feeling bad for Dale and everyone else in the house, I grabbed her and cuddled with her all night. I NEVER FELL ASLEEP!
It's quite difficult with a wiggly toddler. Yes, she even wiggles in her sleep! So, we caught up on some sleep on the couch. I'm there, there's just a plant in my face.
My parents were getting the pool fixed up- new tiles, pumps, pebble tec, and NEW water! We decided to wake up from our naps to check out the progress.
The yard was also recently leveled and re-grassed. Brighton and I had fun crawling around looking for rocks- her new favorite game to play in the backyard. At our house we have piles of little rocks all over from B.
Checking out Grandma's plants.
Hanging out with Grandpa Rod.
Walking around the pool with Grandpa Rod.
Now to get ready for our evening out: Graduation!

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