Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arizona Day THREE!

We woke up bright and refreshed on Saturday morning. My parents made us a nice big breakfast! Yummy!
It seems as though Connor was the only one who was wide-eyed and awake that early.
Then, of course, my brother found his way to the pool. He lives in the pool in the summers. The water was too cold for the rest of us, but he was just back and forth and getting out and doing all sorts of cannon balls and flips off the diving board.

Brighton enjoyed a little splashing around in the pool too! Though she didn't want to go any further in the water because it was too cold!
See? Connor and a cannon ball- they go hand in hand.
Brighton getting warm in her towel and beach chair.
After a long day of playing in the pool, Connor and Brighton took a rest on the couch.


Lauren and George said...

SO are you still here? Welcome! Hope you can stand the heat!

Lisa said...

They are SO cute together!!