Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I Accomplished Today

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you haven't gotten anything done, but your really have? I feel like that today. Why do we have those days?
So, I decided to share my crafts of the day to allow myself to see all that I really DID get done so I can go to bed feeling exhausted for a reason.
Firstly, I said I would share my fabrics with you for the little baby boy's room. There's orange and cream linen, a peridot changing pad cover, and crystal clue linen.
I had a few decorating limitations:
1. The peridot changing pad cover stays. I'm not buying a new one, and I'm not making a new one. Because,
2. The most amazingly comfortable rocking chair and ottoman are the same color. I had to work around that green color because I'm not going to get new stuff (nor do I want new stuff! That chair is AWESOME and it's staying!).
3. The fitted sheet for the crib mattress is cream. We have like 3 of them, so that's got to be worked in there somehow.
4. I want a nautical theme. That's why I decided to make my own bedding. I literally HATE everything that's online and in stores, and I had color restrictions.

We went and looked at paint colors today at Home Depot. I found my color! It's the middle one on the paint chip sheet. I can't wait! Dale's going to do such a great job...

And the whale was a GREAT find by my littlest sister, Kassie. There's a huge joke in Dale's family about whales, specifically of the blue kind, and it goes perfect!

Here's the crib bumper. I know, I wasn't going to show you. But I decided I would show you each piece as it comes together, and then the big finale! The room in all its glory. Hope you don't mind...
I came up with a tutorial for the bumper, you'll just have to give me some time to work out the kinks with pictures and proper wording, ok?
This is the laundry basket that Brighton has been using. I never got around to relining it for her (it has a blue gingham liner) but decided to get right on it this time.
And I finished another nightgown for the little man. I figured I could part with an old Simpsons t-shirt. I'm probably too old to get away with wearing it anymore. Plus, he should know how special he is.

And FINALLY, I used MADE's Shirt Dress Tutorial to make this bad boy. I've had the shirt for almost a year, waiting to be used for another dress shirt refashion. But I really REALLY wanted to use this tutorial to see how it would turn out.

I had some trouble with the sleeves, and trying to make the pattern smaller for Brighton, but I think it turned out ok. I'm still deciding if I want to put elastic in the sleeves, but I sort of like them all fluttery. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Very very cute. Orange is my favorite color and i think that it will all look handsome for baby boy. I never answered your question. I am having a baby shower on June 9th. Heather Andrus and Shanna Barker are throwing it for me. And about the baby boy's name to be...I like Logan John the best. But it is your decision. Have fun deciding.

Brianne said...

You made all of that in ONE day??? You are crazy! You make me feel inadequate ;-).

THE LEWIS' said...

love the dress. i almost left the sleeves without the elastic also. it gives it a cute look. either way, i love the dress. isnt it a fun and super easy dress. sure wish i had girls to make them for. by the way you look amazing. nice work you sexy mama!!!

In the words of Kim: said...

oh my goodness that is so cute! Where do you find the time girl!?!