Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I Never Get Anything Done

Dale often comes home and wonders why I didn't get anything done that day. Especially when I have a 19 1/2 month old who is so eager to help out.
Brighton loves to help me get ready in the mornings. She makes sure that anything I could POSSSIBLY need is out and at my fingertips (or toe tips, if you will). Be it lotion, nail polish, q-tips, the entire box of bandaids, every brush and curling iron i have, or even dog shampoo and bubble bath. She actually wasn't doing a very good job that morning...
She loves to help me sweep. Whether it's standing right in the middle of the kitchen watching me while I try to get all the dusties around her, or tearing the broom away from me because she wants to do it.
She loves the vacuum! Brighton loves to help me by trying to sit on the front so she can show me where I need to go. So thoughtful. Sometimes she wants me to test the suction power by throwing toys in my path.

She helps me put the dishes away. Or maybe this was when she was reorganizing the cupboards for me. B is so great at helping me keep things in their place and clutter free.

Or maybe she was just making some room for herself to sit down while she went on a snack break.
Brighton is so excited to help me dust that she grabs the dust rag out of my hands, steals the Pledge, and goes at it! Maybe I just missed a spot? Perhaps I just need to be more thorough and THAT'S why she wants me to take three hours to dust the living room.
Yep, I missed a spot.
She even helps me make my bed. She gathers up the pillows and makes sure they're all fluffed and ready to put back on the bed.
Brighton even wants to help me bathe the dog. Except he's learned by now to run away when she comes near. But it's not like dogs are somehow faster or more slippery when they're covered in bubbles.
And she helps me with laundry. Whether it's hiding that red sock in with the whites, stealing wet clothes from the dryer without me seeing and hiding them in her toys, running off with dirty clothes and hiding them somewhere, or helping me to (un)fold. Or she steals my laundry basket and hangs out in it.

Sure, I guess I could try and get all this done when she's taking a nap. But then, when am I going to eat lunch without having to share it with her, check my email, call friends, post on my fabulous blog, or get any of my sewing and crafting done?


Jenny-Jenny said...

What a great little helper you have! At least you have someone to blame the red sock on!

In the words of Kim: said...

I remember those days - enjoy them - this is when it's "cute" cause they are "helping" - just wait until the mess they leave isn't so cute! lol

Lisa said...

She is so cute and you are an amazing mom!!

Me and My Family said...

very cute Kim. Thanks for sharing. I can relate! What good helpers we have.

Whitney said...

Oh I know ALL too well how you feel. We were living with my parents Jan-April and my mom would get so frustrated as to why I couldn't just keep things clean (she's a bit of a fanatic). Then she got to watch Hallie and Ashton for a day and remember what being a mom to little ones is all about. No rest for the weary, that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how feel. Except Clayton runs away from the vacuum and decided he wants to sweep the carpet. Your trip to Arizona sounded like fun. Was is warm down there? I wish it were warmer up here. Brighton is adorable by the way.