Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gifts For Kaylee

We're back from our trip to Arizona! More details to come on that, but I wanted to post some of the presents that I made for my sister's (the above mentioned Kaylee) graduation/18th birthday.

Kaylee has decided that she's going to go to cosmetology school in Provo in the fall. The only downfall to this is that she's going to have to wear ALL BLACK. Not too hard for many of us who like black and wear it all the time, but Kay's favorite color is YELLOW, and she's always wearing plenty of color.
I thought I would make her a cute top to wear to school! I bought a plain black Old Navy shirt and added some roses to it to make it more fun!
Those roses up close! I followed the Sew A Rose Out Of Knit Tutorial on the sewtakeahike blog. It was really easy! And I'm REALLY happy with how it came out. I may have to do this to all my Plain Jane t-shirts. Don't be surprised if roses are just falling off of me.
I also made this jewelry organizer for her. I was thinking she's not going to have much room to spread out all her accessories (and she'll be taking them ALL since she's going to have to add some flare with all that black) so this could double as wall art!
I bought a frame at the second hand store for a few bucks. It had a picture and glass and such, which I just tossed, and then painted the frame- what else? YELLOW!
I glued in some screen that Dale so awesomely cut for me (which he already had) and then glued some of my left over fabric from my chair reupholster job to the back. There's just a bit of space between the two layers for easy earring hanging.
Then Dale drilled some holes in it along the bottom and I screwed in some cup hooks for necklaces.
I didn't make these, but bought these at the second hand store for Kaylee, too. They were only a few bucks, and were all dirty and bronze-y. No wonder they were still sitting there waiting for me! I took them home, soaked them in some jewelry cleaner, brushed 'em up, and bling! They are more amazing that I could possibly say. What a great find, I almost kept them for myself...
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Brianne said...

The shirt looks great and I LOVE the jewelry organizer.

sewtakeahike said...

They turned out fabulous Kim! I love the black on black. Thanks for the heads up about your shirt and the link!