Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Times At The Airport

We had some fun times at the airport before boarding our plane to ARIZONA!
I spotted this sign and was thinking, "What the heck? That's a dog, right?"
So we had to check it out. There's a room with a place for dogs to go to the bathroom in the airport. Yet when I needed to go, my restroom was closed- with a sign posted: Out of Service For Energy Conservation. Seriously?
Luck was on our side! Our gate was just a little ways down from the play area. Normally I'm such a germaphobe that I wouldn't dare let Brighton play in here. She could catch any number of sick diseases.
But I hoped that her excellent immune system would hold up while she worked off some energy before our three hour flight. Not so easy with a toddler on your lap.
She liked the plane and enjoyed steering!
Daddy helping her down the slide.

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