Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arizona Day FOUR!

I'm really liking this collage thing... I have so many fun pictures and it's nice to just put them all together.
Day four was Sunday. We all got up early for church, enjoyed a really awesome sacrament meeting, and then took off to spend more time together! We totally use the vacation clause when it comes to church- oh well.
We took some pictures of us looking all pretty after church, then we all changed into our swimsuits (swimming isn't allowed on Sunday but again, the vacation clause was in effect, and it was a super sunny day- we had to take advantage), ate some lunch, and then headed outside for the rest of the day.
In some of the pictures you can see my siblings feeding Brighton lemons just to see her reaction- priceless. Then B started making faces at them all, they would make it back, and then they would all bust up laughing. So funny.
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Lisa said...

Brighton's faces are priceless. Love it!!