Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I painted some onesies for my little man today! (Click on the picture if you want a closer view)
Top left is the Dharma symbol, for those of you who are not fellow Losties. I'm a huge fan of LOST and life just isn't complete without a baby of mine joining the Dharma Initiative.
Top right is for Dale. If you know him well, you know how much he'll appreciate me dressing his son in this little number.
Bottom left is a cute little robot, and bottom right a really cool rocket!
I used freezer paper stencils for each of them. For the robot and the rocket, I ended up needing to do some detailing with a paint brush after the stencil was dry.
These are the rest of the squares that I finished for the quilt along- finally got around to taking a picture after I ironed all of them today. I think that's what I hate the most about sewing: so much ironing. I hate ironing. But you've got to do it to make things look nice.
I put the squares on a white table cloth, just to see how the quilt will look with the white sashing. It's going to take me forever just to figure out how I'm going to lay out all these squares. But at least I'm done making some for now, at least until June.
What has been so fun about this quilt is that I've used up all those scraps I couldn't bear to part with. And my stash has dwindled down to this. Just a basket of the ones that can still be folded, and a bag of the ones that are too small for me to use right now (or probably be used at all, I just can't part with them). I dug into my actual fabric stash a few times for a fabric to match, but it's pretty much just been leftovers!
Dale asked me the other day who I was making this quilt for. Then, before I could answer, he said something to the effect, you probably won't be able to give it away since it has so much sentimental value, you know, using all the pieces from the projects you've done over the last year that you've taught yourself how to sew.
I was totally thinking of giving it away! Now I can't- now it is a collage of all my craftiness of the last year. Way to go Dale. He probably meant to get me to keep it, so he could use it.

That MIGHT be it for my crafts for the rest of the month! I say might because I may just end up getting side-tracked from what I NEED to get done. I've been asked by a friend in the ward to tailor some of his wife's clothes for her birthday. I've got the buttons sewn back on, a zipper stitched back in, and a vintage dress repaired. I've still got some hemming, pockets to sewn in, linings to replace, seams to sew up, and another vintage dress to try and fix. Her birthday is the day before we leave to go to ARIZONA! So I might be caught up with that for that next few days.
But don't worry, because when I get back from the wonderful land of sun, I have baby crib bedding to make, quilts to quilt, Pay It Forward gifts to do, and plenty of other projects that are only half done to finish!
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THE LEWIS' said...

Arizona... fun come join the heat with me. Its getting warm and i love it. I was wondering what you were going to do with the quilt squares. didnt quiet understand the quilt along. So are you just making the sqaures to make a quilt or were you suppose to give the squares away? i thought it would be fun to do, but i didnt want to give my squares away. have fun on vacation, if you get a chance we should get together.

Brianne said...

Your stash cracks me up. I'm glad you have been able to use so much of it on your quilt.

I love the onesies. I'm glad you explained that first one, I had no clue. I can't wait to see Republican baby Hibler. Too funny. Nice work with the freezer stencils.

Me and My Family said...

very very cute! The quilt is going to look great when it is finished. I hope you have fun in Arizona! Wish I could go too. Enjoy the sun for me.

Kristin, Scott, & Emily said...

Your little man is going to be stylin'! Lucky baby! You are so creative. Where do you find the time to do it all? Does your little girl let you do these when she's awake, or is she a great napper?!

Lauren and George said...

omg! I love those onesies! I would put all of them on my babe too! Dharma! LOVE IT!

Brandy said...

Ummm...the fact that you made baby boy a Dharma Initiative onesie just further solidifies why we are soulmates!

Countdown to BrandyKimmyAnton Palooza 09'...T-minus 2 months!!!!