Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I Made Today

I took a break from tailoring my friend's clothes to make something for the little guy that's going to be here in just three and a half months! I have like NO time to get all the things done that I want. I'm going to be working hard these next couple months!

I used this tutorial from this mama makes stuff. She is awesome- it's turning an old t-shirt into a newborn gown. I've had this tutorial saved in my favorites for almost a year. I didn't need to make one for Brighton (she was too big by that time anyways for one of these nighties) and I didn't want to practice on one that I would give away to someone else. It was SO easy. I seriously spent maybe an hour on it.

The tutorial is really well done, the pattern pieces are easy to cut and it turned out super cute. One suggestion if you end up using it- she used a zig zag stitch which caused my sewing machine to try and eat the knit, and made it stretch a bit too much, which you don't want either. I ended up just using a regular stitch and things came out just fine. I'm planning on making a few more, just so I won't have to buy any gowns. Yay for saving money! I feel so green.

I'll be raiding Dale's closet for more shirts so be ready to see a few more. Just don't tell Dale and maybe he won't notice that some of his old t's have gone missing...
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Brianne said...

Cute! I have that tutorial saved also.